Root Cause Failure Analysis, 2nd Edition

课程长度: 两天
Available as a condensed course: Available in half day sessions (看到列表)
Maximum number of students: 30


One of the most important factors to consider when repairing motors is to understand why they failed. 这次研讨会 will focus on common as well as unusual types of failures broken down by components.

这次研讨会, 更新在2019年, is intended for anyone interested in understanding motor failures, and those who want to serve customers by addressing the cause of failure rather than the symptom. An extensive 328-page resource manual includes hundreds of photos of a wide range of failures, with the likely causes listed, and a clear methodology for confirming the probable cause of each failure. 


  • 根本原因的方法
  • 轴承故障
  • 定子故障
  • 轴的失败
  • 转子故障
  • 机械故障
  • 直流电机故障
  • Synchronous motor failures
  • 附件失败
  • 案例研究

To reap the full benefit of the Root Cause Failure Analysis seminar, attendees should have basic knowledge of electric motors either through experience or from attending EASA’s Principles of Medium & 大型交流电机研讨会.

Instructor(s) available to teach the course: 

  • 汤姆主教,P.E., EASA Senior Technical Support Specialist
  • Jim Bryan, EASA Technical Support Specialist (retired)
  • Mike Howell, EASA Technical Support Specialist
  • Chuck Yung, EASA Senior Technical Support Specialist


  • Chapter/Region fee (+expenses): $3250 + $75/student
  • Member company fee (+expenses): $4250 + 75/student
  • Nonmember fee (+expenses): $7500 + $75/student
  • (Additional fees may apply if travel time exceeds 5 hours. 详情请联系EASA.)

Condensed courses available

根本原因:绕组 & 转子故障(半天)
- Chapter/Region fee (+ expenses): $800 + $75/student
- Member company fee (+ expenses): $1300 + $75/student
- Non-member fee (+ expenses): $2200 + $75/student

根本原因:轴承 & 轴类故障(半天)
- Chapter/Region fee (+ expenses): $800 + $75/student
- Member company fee (+ expenses): $1300 + $75/student
- Non-member fee (+ expenses): $2200 + $75/student

Course manual available for sale

Unable to participate in this training event? The manual that accompanies this seminar is available for sale.


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