Summary of Vertical Pump and Motor Mechanical Repair

课程长度: 有一天,
Available as a condensed course: No
Maximum number of students: N/A
教练: Gene Vogel, EASA Pump & 振动专家


This seminar focuses on the following topics:

  • Description of vertical pump types and styles
  • Vertical pump disassembly and evaluation
  • Common vertical pump repairs
  • Pump installation and removal concerns
  • Vertical pump motor designs
  • Vertical pump motor disassembly and evaluation
  • Bearing configurations and concerns
  • Assembling vertical pump motors
  • Testing vertical pump motors and motor pump assemblies


  • Chapter/Region fee (+expenses): $1600 + $50/student
  • Member company fee (+expenses): $2600 + $50/student
  • Nonmember fee (+expenses): $4000 + $60/student
  • (Additional fees may apply if travel time exceeds 5 hours. 正规手机网赌软件 for details.)

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